The Union of Charitable Societies – Jerusalem (UCS)

The Union of Charitable Societies-Jerusalem (UCS) is the first Palestinian non-profit and independent union of non-governmental charitable and development societies that was established in Jerusalem in 1958. (UCS) strives to build an effective Palestinian civil society through advancing the Palestinian civil work in an institutionalized and democratic manner and according to the principles of good governance and accountability in order to contribute to the national development and stainable development. About 150 local NGOs/CBOs are members in the UCS and operating in various developmental, social and humanitarian fields.

UCS aims mainly at empowering the civil society organizations, developing their resources and advocating for their rights and causes. It also strives for supporting sectoral development priorities in the fields of social welfare, poverty reduction, health, education, childhood, women and youth empowerment, integration of the disabled people, elderly care, human development and demographic planning.

Relevant experiences

The UCS has more than 63 years of experience in development and social work, including community planning and formulation of long-term visions, goals, policies and strategies to achieve social and economic sustainability and sustainability within the community in order to guide future community development.
During these long years of experience, the UCS presented many studies and scientific papers that help in planning and formulating sectoral development and social policies, especially for the Governorate of Jerusalem.
The UCS has extensive experience in program interventions in the social protection and economic empowerment sector, in addition to the education and early childhood sector. It has implemented dozens of projects that support the needs of these sectors in cooperation with the network of member institutions of the UCS.