Cesvi is an independent lay Italian humanitarian organization, founded in Bergamo (Italy) in 1985.
From 1985 to the present time Cesvi, who works in 23 countries all over the world, has helped millions of people in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe, reaching more than 2.5 million beneficiaries in 2018.

Cesvi operates worldwide to support the most vulnerable populations in promoting human rights and achieving their ambitions for sustainable development. Human Solidarity and Social Justice are the core values through Cesvi pursues the wellbeing of vulnerable populations in condition of poverty or struck by war, natural calamities and environmental disasters.

Furthermore, the Foundation undertakes to respect the ethical principles of legality, correctness, independence-neutrality and social responsibility.

Since 2002 Cesvi has been part of the European network Alliance2015, which is composed of 8 NGOs from various countries. The aim of the Alliance is to contrast world-wide poverty cooperating in the poorer countries with development programmes and promoting awareness campaigns in Europe, this is carried out in the framework of the Sustainable Development Objectives.

The main sectors in which Cesvi works are: Emergency, Rural Development, Civil society and governance, Protection, Heath, Inclusive and Sustainable growth.

Cesvi in Palestine

Cesvi has been working in Palestine since 1994 and it has developed over the years an expertise in the area of water, sanitation and environment through the implementation of projects in the field, establishing partnerships with relevant actors in the sector and thanks to an active participation in the WASH cluster. Solid waste management, water, and energy are the main sectors of activities. Cesvi aims at improving the management of environmental resources in both humanitarian and development conditions, always paying attention to Capacity Building to local actors and Protection of vulnerable people. The areas of expertise of Cesvi Palestine are solid waste management; environmental health; drinking water; sanitation; technology innovation; data management and analysis.

Currently, Cesvi works in East Jerusalem, Area A, B and C, refugee camps of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Cesvi is currently funded by the European Commission (2 projects), AICS (1 project), Humanitarian Innovation Fund/ELRHA (1 project), the World Bank (1 project). Cesvi’s office is in East Jerusalem. Cesvi team in Palestine is composed by 15 staff members and supported by consultants and temporary workers/volunteers for specific tasks.