Household Survey Result

The household survey was used as an instrument to collect data necessary to assess the socioeconomic conditions at a neighborhood level and to collect data essential for a comprehensive assessment of East Jerusalem residents’ needs, preferences, and perceptions about the availability and quality of the educational, health, transportation, infrastructure, housing, and environmental services. The survey was done in the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020

Zone Zone Name Sample Size
ID Name C
1 Al Sawahreh Al Gharbia 231
2 Ath Thuri 325
3 Beer Ouna 86
4 Beit Safafa 238
5 Bet Hanina 248
6 Issawiyeh & Sheikh Jarah 242
7 Jabal Al Mukabbir 247
8 Jerusalem 371
9 Kafr Aqab 243
10 Old city 250
11 Sharafat 162
12 Shufat 234
13 Silwan 239
14 Sur Bahir 234
15 Um Tuba 240
Total 3563

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